"We must never confuse elegance with snobbery."
—Yves Saint Laurent

Our Story

About Us

ShopJWT Boutique started as a seed – an amazing combination of colors, a host of imaginative styles and an exclusive ability to be different. Once irrigated by professional merchandisers and positioned in the presence of sunlit entrepreneurs, the artistic mind behind this sophisticated array of apparel detonated – and an explosion of merchandise bloomed.

Carefully selected, each style represented by ShopJWT Boutique bares its own signature make. Every piece has been crafted with quality, chosen with elegance in mind and purposed to characterize our clients, our beautiful roses

That’s the DNA of owner, stylist and buyer Jasmine W Terrell. A instinctive trailblazer, Jasmine’s professional journey directed her through the routes of a “Rose.” She personifies the rise from being in the dirt fighting to cultivate ideas and clawing to develop collections. But all flowers suffer a season of incubation; this period pushed her through curves and zigzagging roots of new concepts.

Like the Juliet Rose – the first cut, and the most expensive – ShopJWT Boutique has emerged with splendor and purpose. The vision; Sleek, Sexy and Untamed – we cater to the uniquest of women. With our core lines, one can embody the chic and fiery look of the Damask Collection or embrace the soft excellence and sophistication of the Eden Collection.

What separates us from the rest?

Perfume is often made using Rose Oil – but it takes 10,000 roses to produce one single teaspoon of Rose Oil - it’s precious, it’s harvested, and everyone wants it – the same epitomizes the sentiments behind every ShopJWT Boutique garment.

Wearing our product should leave you feeling like an empowered, sanctioned and certified Rose. Whether you want to play it sweet, or you’re rockin’ the thorny side tonight, ShopJWT Boutique has what you need – Just come to the Garden.

Jasmine Terrell
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